PLATITO is not a restaurant, it's an artwork, where making food, serving them and enjoying them, plays a big part of.

I am not a professional a chef, I am more of an artist.

- arzel henson


Platito comes from the mind of Arzel Henson. A two year project . 


This Tapas and Bistro's concept is to bring Filipino-Spanish flair and flavours to the neighbourhood of Valilla. It is a small yet a casual relaxed spot that serves cheap eats in tapas-style along with cold drinks and wine, matched with authentic Filipino hospitality. The name Platito is derived from Spanish and Filipino word which means “small dish.”

In 2016, we began introducing Filipino street food on Restaurant Days with some friends, we initially joined the hype with only two reasons — to hangout and have fun. Much to our surprise, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received and the amount of crowd who loved the food we served. This has led us on taking the step in bringing Filipino cuisine to Helsinki’s food scene.

Many modifications were made over the years as we seek for a unique concept that everyone can enjoy. It was not until our recent family trip to Malaga that inspired us to connect deeply with our roots and bring our passion for Filipino-Spanish culture and cuisines. Hispanic influence in the Philippines has been profound with its more than 300 years of settlement that brought its language, culture and its cuisine to the country. With our rich history, the concept was born along with the owner’s creativity and vast experience in the food industry.

Welcome to Platito! Come join the fun!